The Academy Season 2

The All-In-One Basketball Training App For Hoopers Who Want To Improve Their Game 

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The Only Basketball Training Platform You'll EVER Need 

The Academy by In The Lab brings all of Devin's professional basketball training knowledge together in one app. Inside the app, you’ll get access to:

NBA Player Packages

where Dev breaks down your favorite players and teaches you to play exactly like them

Recovery videos

to keep you on the court at full speed without risking injury or sacrificing performance

The Cookbook

where Devin teaches you the science behind cooking your defender without needing a million dribble moves

Skill workouts 

for every area of your game 

Strength & conditioning

workouts that compliment your on-court training 


where you can connect and network with like-minded hoopers and talk about all things basketball 

All of Devin’s newest and most powerful basketball training material available for you anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a pro player or just getting started, Devin’s methods are guaranteed to help you improve your handles, shooting, basketball IQ, and overall abilities as a basketball player. Inside the app, Devin's giving you his best drills and tips on:

Skill Workouts For Every Aspect Of Your Game

Aside from building your skills, Devin is giving you his client-only strength and conditioning workouts to help you get stronger and faster on the court.

Whether you're a guard or a big, working on your strength and speed is going to help you become a more effective scorer, play longer minutes, and dominate your opponents physically in the heat of the battle.

(and if you're in high school/college and want to play at the next level, you're definitely going to need to be ready for the bigger, stronger players that await you once you move up in your playing career)

Strength and Conditioning Workouts To Transform Your Game

If you want to cook defenders like Jamal Crawford, Kyrie Irving, or James Harden, Devin has some news for you...

Getting by defenders isn't about using a bunch of dribble moves, the best ball handlers and scorers have a unique system that they use to analyze their defenders before they attack.

Inside The Cookbook, Devin is teaching you exactly how the world's shiftiest ball handlers use only a few dribbles at a time to completely blow by defenders and get to their scoring spots.

Once you implement Devin's lessons from The Cookbook in your pickup or league games, you can expect to become everyone's least favorite player to guard on the floor.

The Cookbook

Exclusive Access To Devin's Never-Before-Seen Training Series: 

Devin has always struggled with tendinitis in his knees and you'd rarely ever see him play above the rim, but Devin has finally cracked the code to increasing your vertical and dunking consistently...

He took everything he learned from eliminating his knee pain and becoming a consistent dunker and put it all inside of The Academy's new training series: Flight Club

Whether you've never dunked before or you're barely rimgrazing right now, Flight Club will have you throwing down in-game faster than you thought possible. 

Flight Club

Ready To Get Bouncy? Check Out Devin's New Jump Workouts In

Aside from being one of the world's most popular basketball trainers, another one of Devin's superpowers is video editing and content creation.

Mixing his passion for content with his knowledge for basketball, Devin's library of Academy Season 2 Exclusive Content is full of inspiration, knowledge, and Devin's most closely guarded philosophies for becoming an elite basketball player.

Whether you're new to the family or have been with ITL from the jump, Devin's behind-the-scenes documentaries and videos are a goldmine of wisdom for any hooper.

All of Devin's Exclusive Content

With a comunity of hoopers, exclusive content, and all of Devin's latest training content, you'll never need to pay for a trainer again.

...and more

Join The Academy Today for only $24.99! (Limited time offer, 50% off your first 3 months)

Devin Williams burst onto the basketball scene when one of his training videos for a school projects accidentally went viral. The first training video inspired the second, which inspired the third, which inspired the entire TEN000HOURS series.Years later, Devin is now one of the world’s most renowned basketball trainers. Training players at every level from youth to professional, Devin’s grasp on the core aspects of basketball set him apart from the rest. Devin differentiates himself by focusing equally on the philosophy of the game as much as the mechanics. Devin’s impact on basketball culture has landed him opportunities with NBA, Euroleague, Jordan, Adidas, Gatorade, Eastbay and so much more. 

Devin Williams

Meet Your New Basketball Trainer...

Join The Academy Today for only $24.99! (Limited time offer, 50% off your first 3 months)

Instead of paying your typical basketball trainer $65-$100 per hour, you get access to all of Devin's top training content that he only shares with his private clients for just $50 per month!

What Does It Cost?

Where Can I Access The Academy?

You can access The Academy from just about anywhere and from any device. You can view it online at or on any of our mobile apps on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple Tv, Amazon Fire, and more!

Will I Have Lifetime Access?

You will have full unlimited access to The Academy for as long as your subscription with us is active. On top of what is available on Day 1, Devin is going to be adding brand new exclusive content every month. There's always going to be new content, training videos, and never-before seen videos from Devin.

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become a lockdown defender with Dev's sneaky tips and tricks on the other end of the floor

Triple Threat

read and react to any defender and situation with Dev's deep bag of triple-threat moves


fast breaks or in the lane...learn how to finish with both hands against any type of defense


become a "lights out" shooter and make defenders respect your jumper


ready to drop dimes like CP3? Dev's giving you the secrets to dishing like the pros


no matter what position you play, this is going to help you get to your spots and score

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While everyone is running through offense and defensive schemes blindly...Devin's going to teach you how to analyze the game from a birds-eye view like the pros. Inside the all-new IQ series inside The Academy, Devin teaches you all of the high-level strategies, terms, and concepts that helps elite players make better plays.

Become The Smartest Player On The Floor With Devin's New IQ Series